Ptfe Conveyor Belt

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About Ptfe Conveyor Belt


  • Ptfe Belts for curing of paint chips, P.U., P.E. & PVC products
  • Ptfe Process belts for curing and impression of PVC backed carpets Release
  • Ptfe Belts for curing of hot melt adhesives and adhesive tapes
  • Ptfe Belts for Contiuous casting of polyurethane
  • Ptfe Belts for re-soldering and ink drying on PCB
  • Ptfe Conveyor belts for biscuits, cocoa powder and food stuff through vacuum dryers
  • Ptfe Conveyor belts for vacuum dryers Teflon Conveyor belts for baking
  • Ptfe Conveyor belts for food processing
  • Ptfe Belts Microwave cooking
  • Ptfe Belts for Confectionery conveying chocolates, biscuits etc

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